Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The layouts are here! (...and Merry X-mas)

Hello hello, It's been ages since i've posted anything so I thought I'd throw up some layouts that never made it up for you all to take a gander at. I put them in order from most recent first, to oldest last. The first one was for our modern city assignment. I wanted to do a crowded chinese marketplace in the suburbs contrasted against the massive sky-scapers and high-rises of the downtown uban sprawl. The second was for an 18th century city and I chose to do Venice because I visited it briefly when I was 7 and was fascinated by how people get around on boats on this vast network of narrow canals and just pull up to their doorsteps not more that a few feet from the water. I still need to add on a few details to this one, like brickwork and such, but overall I'm pretty happy with it so far. Finally, the third and last one is an assignment we had at the beginning of the year in which we used our rooms as reference to create a strong and interesting composition based off our familiar physical surroundings. In other words it's my room, but highly modified. Well, let me know what you think. Take care everyone and have a warm, safe holiday, and a very merry christmas. Cheers, Jay D.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Finally learned how to do some coloring in photoshop. The character is Dax Flow, the main character from a show concept for kids that i developed last year for my final model pack. I always wanted to see what he'd look like with some color, so there it is. I had so many different color schemes up in my head but settled for this one cause they're bright and bold and make him stand out. Anyhow, let me know what you think.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Social Awkwardness

Sup? Don't know how many of you've seen this kind of scenario before? I was heading home from Cap the other night on the bus and there were these two 7 or 8th graders who must've been coming back from a house party or something, and were totally shit-faced. The girl started heaving on the seat beside her and the dude was like, "uhh, I'm... er... ah... not with her". It's uncomfortable enough to watch as an observer, so I can't imagine how her boyfriend was feeling at that moment.

I guess the older gentleman on the left looking at the viewer represents that side of me, and an older and wiser aging society, that looks sadly upon young kids like this one that abuse themselves so severely at those experimental ages. Oh well, we've all dabbled here and there I guess. (It's just... the thought of my daughter someday!...). Ahh, where would my inspiration come from without public transit?! (Thank god I'm finally getting some wheels this week!) (P.S. any comments are welcome guys & gals)


(**Note: Erich, take a look at my last posting before this one.)

Le barber de Bellville

Finally, My Triplets of Bellville illustration/character design! Actually, this one started out as a 15min design challenge between some classmates and I. The topic was "bad hair day", and I liked where it was going so I put some more work into it and here it is!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

This Week's Topic: ... Frustration.

Well, i think the drawing speaks for itself. I sketched this up after an all-nighter the night before my animation assignment was due. I was gonna put normal clothes on initially but i thought this was funnier. 'Till next time, peace & much luv,


(P.S. To those of you who haven't seen me in a while, yes, the fro is pretty much life size! ;)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Class caricatures

Hey 'urbody, what's happenin'? This is for our 3rd week illustration assignment for animation. Our teacher Erich asked us to pick a topic so we chose animal caricatures of our class mates. This is a little play on reality that I did of one of my class mates. I think she's a little off balance, leaning to the right too much, but hey it's good enough. Be back with more soon. Take care and much luv. Oh yeah, and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


"The Heart's rhythm beats,
to the Mind's creation,
through language"
A.E. & J.D.

Well, this is as far as I got. This is the 1st of our weekly illustration assignments for my animation class this semester. I still want to put some more work into this, but I like where it's going; it's different from my usual stuff, and i'm enjoying playing around with all the symbolysm.

Some of you might be like, "what the?..." Well, in answer to that, the theme of the assignment was "ancient" and was left completely open ended for us choose the subject matter thereafter. I wanted to focus on the age old subjects of language, knowledge and cognition (or thoughts) because I view these as the building blocks of human experience and creation. The piece also serves as a visual interpretation of some distinctions about life and the self that i've arrived at over the past year.

Finally, the quote is a spin off of something my buddy said the other night over some drinks, which is in large part what inspired the idea for the composition, and I think the two fit nicely together. So, I have to give credit where credit is due (thanks Elts ;).

I'll have the finished coloured version up shortly. Until then, peace & much luv,

Jay D.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Hello & Welcome

Hey guys & gals, welcome to my blog.

I just created this blog-thingy, so there's not much to look at right now, but I'll be posting more as I go along so check back soon.

Have an awesome day wherever you are, and enjoy life.

Peace, prosperity, and much luv,