Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Social Awkwardness

Sup? Don't know how many of you've seen this kind of scenario before? I was heading home from Cap the other night on the bus and there were these two 7 or 8th graders who must've been coming back from a house party or something, and were totally shit-faced. The girl started heaving on the seat beside her and the dude was like, "uhh, I'm... er... ah... not with her". It's uncomfortable enough to watch as an observer, so I can't imagine how her boyfriend was feeling at that moment.

I guess the older gentleman on the left looking at the viewer represents that side of me, and an older and wiser aging society, that looks sadly upon young kids like this one that abuse themselves so severely at those experimental ages. Oh well, we've all dabbled here and there I guess. (It's just... the thought of my daughter someday!...). Ahh, where would my inspiration come from without public transit?! (Thank god I'm finally getting some wheels this week!) (P.S. any comments are welcome guys & gals)


(**Note: Erich, take a look at my last posting before this one.)


party for my enemies said...

You can't end it with jsut heaving on the seat you know. What did the bus driver do?! HUH?! I've always been curious in this kind of situation on what would happen after they were hurling everywhere. Seriously ew!

empleh_you_and_you said...

didn't know you had that side of you as well.. the older side.. well, at least I didn't know thats how you thought of yourself...

empleh_you_and_you said...

by the way, I am Joy (Chien)